About LifeBlessings

LifeBlessings.net began with the desire to connect people seeking meaningful ceremonies and rituals to mark the pivotal moments of their lives with ministers who could serve them.

LifeBlessings ministers draw from a variety of traditional and secular sources. Among our members you will find ministers who can create ceremonies and rituals in interfaith, Christian, multi-religious, athiest, pagan, spiritual but not religious, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, and secular settings. You will also find interfaith spiritual directors on this site, who can serve as guides on your spiritual path.

Most of the ministers and spiritual directors on this site have been trained by The Chaplaincy Institute, an interfaith seminary in Berkeley, California. Ministers on this site have been legally ordained, most of them by The ChI Interfaith Community, which is the ordaining body of The Chaplaincy Institute.

It is your responsibility to inquire of the ministers about their licensing status in a particular state, education or other qualifications.  The ministers and spiritual directors listed on this website pay an annual fee to be part of LifeBlessings.net.

The ultimate decision about a minister’s or spiritual director’s fit with a client and all other agreements including scope of work and financial arrangements lies between the clients and ministers/spiritual directors themselves, entirely independent of LifeBlessings.net and The Chaplaincy Institute.

For questions or other inquiries contact Jessica Shine at jessica@chaplaincyinstitute.org