Ministers/Spiritual Directors Create an Account is a network of interfaith clergy and spiritual directors who provide spiritual support to those unaffiliated with any faith tradition and those from a wide diversity of faith traditions.  When you join LifeBlessings, you will have an easy way to make and maintain your own page on a website that is continually backed up on a secure server, and search engine optimization made possible by our collective resources.  Together we can do more than we can as individuals.

Benefits to members:

  • Ability to create, edit, and update your own webpage within the template provided by
  • Ability to manage your own calendar, fee structure, and designation of services offered.
  • Greatly enhanced presence on the internet through search engine optimization through the power of collective resources.

Responsibilities of members:

  • Be a minister, officiant, or spiritual director in good standing with your credentialing body.
  • Be able to legally officiate marriages in any state if you offer weddings.
  • Demonstrate commitment to listen carefully to the values and beliefs of clients to craft meaningful ceremonies and rituals with the best interest of all parties foremost in mind.
  • Charge a competitive market rate for your services that adequately values your time and professional abilities.
  • Respond timely to all inquiries received through

“Thanks for your invitation to participate in the website referral system you are constructing.  I have not seen any effective referral system for our professional services, so this is a welcome development. I always hope that by our offering rites of passage services to non-members, we can ‘open the door’ for new folks.” – Rev. Dan King

“This was so much easier than I was imagining it to be. Thanks so much” –Rev. Sonya Sukalski


Membership fee: $25/year

We reserve the right to editorial oversight and can remove anyone from membership at anytime. We will return your prorated annual fee if this occurs.

Will you help me make my page?  Yes, you can contact us to arrange a time by phone or skype so that we can talk you through the process and help you with pictures or video.

Why is there a fee?  When you join LifeBlessings, you are buying an easy way to make and maintain your own page on a website that is continually backed up on a secure server. Due to search engine optimization will come up higher in many search lists than individual websites, leading more people to you.

How do I cancel my account? Contact us at  We can delete your account anytime you like.

Can my account to go dormant without being deleted? Yes, just go into your account and check off the box that says hide my profile under the ‘about me’ tab.  Contact us at if you need any help.

How did you decide to create LifeBlessings? We feel strongly that people need professional support during significant turnings in their lives. We know there are many more people who can be served by interfaith ministers and interfaith spiritual directors, whether or not they are affiliated with a faith tradition. The idea of using our collective resources in service of getting ministry out more broadly into the world kept tugging at us until we finally made the leap and invested in LifeBlessings. We hope you will join us in this leap of faith.


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