Great Tips for Meaningful Ceremonies

Many wonderful resources abound for planning weddings and other ceremonies. We encourage you to make use of your local public library as well as what is available on the internet. Here’s a few tips from us:

Create a connection – Interview enough ministers, usually 2-3, so that you feel really good about your connection with the one you choose. At your meetings be open and honest. The minister will need to know you in order to make a personalized ceremony.

Be true to yourselves – In writing vows for a wedding or other elements of a different kind of ceremony make sure they reflect who you are and what is important to you. Be genuine. Your ceremony can reflect your style and your values.
Bring in your cultures, your religious backgrounds, your families and communities – You can incorporate your cultural and religious backgrounds and family and community ties through poetry, photographs, music, objects on the altar, or special elements in the ceremony. Your minister can help you with specific ideas for this.

Plan ahead – Don’t leave the ceremony for the last minute. While the details of weddings, even memorials can be overwhelming, remember to contact an officiant early with enough time to plan a meaningful ceremony. If you are writing your own vows, start on them well ahead of time, perhaps with a weekend retreat with your future spouse.

Not too short or too long – A ceremony shorter than twenty minutes will not feel like anything significant occurred. A ceremony longer than an hour may leave participants fidgety and glancing at the clock. Aim for something in the middle.

Be respectful – Your officiant is an ordained, seminary educated, experienced professional. If you keep your appointments, interact courteously, and fulfill your commitments, you will receive the best from your minister and the services they provide.
Relax and enjoy! – No matter what happens on the day of your ceremony, it will become part of the story. You and your family and friends will cherish the memory.

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  1. I love the hand-fasting ceremony too! There was anohter wedding that used it that is featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs today… I’d like to use it in our ceremony, but without the tying of the ribbons. We’ll just hold hands and the officiant can put his hand on them…

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